Sunday, 21 June 2015

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Add Frequently accessed Settings to the Start Menu in Windows 10

This newly launched Windows 10 is very different from its predecessors. In Windows 7, we have a simple layout of Start Menu to access the programs. But recently released Windows 10 Start Menu is combination of both Windows 7 Start Menu and Windows 8 Start Screen. User can easily access their documents, pictures or all other programs in list.

You may add or remove tiles according to your need and able customize it. The best thing about this advanced Start Menu is that you can pin frequently accessed settings in it. It gives you quick access to any program or setting with just one click. This is a good idea if you are oftenly forgets the location of particular setting. Here's how to pin any setting in Start Menu.

1. Open the Settings app and right click on the group of settings you want to pin on start menu.

2. If you want to Pin a particular setting then navigate the settings app and right click on any setting, then choose 'Pin to start'.


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