Monday, 22 June 2015

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How to disable location tracking in Facebook Messenger App

In new Facebook Messenger, the location sharing option is turn off by default when you install the app. If you are using old version of Facebook messenger then i will recommend you to update it because its likely that the old version doesn't turn off location service automatically. Its less concern with IOS Messenger app to handle permissions because they simply prompt you to whether you want to turn on or off the location service.

In android device, you are able to turn on the service for the particular person manually. You have to click on a small button that placed in bottom right corner to enable the location for particular user. To disable it, you should turn it gray by again tapping on the button. See the screenshot below for better understanding. Be sure that if you turn the button into gray in particular chat then the location is inactive for that person only.

To permanently turn off the service, you have to click on the settings icon that located top of your app then scroll down in settings for location option. Simply uncheck it to disable the location service.


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