Friday, 26 June 2015

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How To Fix Missing DLL File Errors In Windows Computer

If you recently download a latest game or application on your Windows system and its showing an error of missing DLL files then its likely that your system has not certain DLL File to run that game or application. Your first prefrence should be to find that missing DLL file in your drives or somewhere else such as recycle bin because it's possible that you may deleted any DLL file by mistake. However, you can easily add any missing DLL file manually in your system. Here's how to do this.

1. First see which missing file you needed to run your game or application and then copy that file name include .DLL extenstion.

2. Paste the File name on google and download that missing file. Websites like is the large source of DLL files and this site most of the time provide you correct DLL file. It will give you a .zip extenstion file, you have to extract that file and paste the DLL file to the following path :-


After pasting the file on this path, restart your system and again try to run your game or application.


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