Monday, 22 June 2015

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How to turn off the annoying notification sound in Windows 10

Windows 10 Full version is currently not available for download but Microsoft recently launched the insider preview of this operating system. The release date of this latest OS is July 29,2015. If you have not install the insider preview yet then register for the Windows Insider program to download the ISO file from Microsoft website. Before starting any download process, make sure to check all the system requirements. Those users who have Windows 10 preview installed already may notice that annoying notification sound oftenly. There are two ways to turn off the sound easily. Here's how to do it.

Way 1 :- Disable sound in Sound settings

1. Click on the start menu , then type sound in the search box. Click on the Sound from the search results to open Sound settings.

2. In the Sound dialog box, click on Sounds tab and then select notification option in Program Events.

3. Next Tap on the Sounds bar and select (None) from drop-down list. Press ok to save settings.

Way 2 :- Disable notifications in Pc settings

1. Click on start menu and hit on PC settings from the programs list.

2. Next Tap on Search and Apps and then click on Notifications.

3. On the right side of Notifications, Switch off Play notification sound option.


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