Thursday, 18 June 2015

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How to Find Drivers of Unknown Devices in Windows

If you are planning to upgrade your PC to a new version of Windows, then you may have to deal with the driver problems. Mostly the new OS can't able to completely recognize hardwares that connected with your system thus shows you driver errors. You should install all the important driver components before doing new OS installation on your system otherwise nothing will work properly. Windows is good enough to identify the device drivers automatically but some times there are few devices which are very new to the market and not very common among people then Windows mark it as unknown device.

Its very difficult to find the unknown device driver without knowing its details. But there are two ways that help you to get the right driver for your device.

Unknown Device Identifier

Unknown Device Identifier lets you to find the yellow labled marked unknown devices in your system device manager. It will show you the details of your unknown device such as manufacturer name, OEM name, device type, device model and even the exact name of the unknown devices. After getting the details of your device, you may contact the device manufacturer for driver or search the driver on google.

Make sure that you should backup all of your drivers after installing it in your system with any driver backup software. Its necessary step to restore all drivers in future by just clicking a button.

Download Unknown Device Identifier

Manually Find the Device Driver

Along with the software, there is a one more way to find the unknown hardware devices IDs within the computer. Windows is able to show Hardware IDs of detected devices in Device manager. Follow these steps to manually identify the device IDs.

1. Go to the device manager and find the device which contained yellow exclamation mark in the start.

2. Right click on the device and select the properties option.

3. Now new window will open, then click on 'Details' tab . You will see a Properties dropdown list on your screen.

4. Next choose Hardware Ids from the list. In the new window, right click on the first value of Hardware Ids and copy that id.

5. Simply search the ID on the internet to download it.


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