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Top Apps To Record Android Screen Activity

Most of the people nowdays asking this question that 'how to record the screen activity of android device'. Its not difficult to start screen recording in IOS devices and on windows platform by just using some application that are easily available on internet. But doing this same task on an Android device is always been hard to do. Fortunately, its now no longer challenging to do screencasting on Android Kitkat version because google added new media capabilities included screen recording for android app developers. According to this post, this screen recording ability makes work easier for developers to code an app that able to record high quality mp4 video for user. However, thats why most of the screen recording android app is created for Android 4.4 and up versions. There may be many different reasons why you want to do screen recording on android device such as to share high score of your favourite game, make any android troubleshooting tutorial, marketing video of an app and so on.

Thanks to those developers who spend time to make these following useful apps. Please note that most of these screen recording app required rooted device. So if your device is not rooted yet then please follow these easy steps to root your android device. Lets take a look on applications that will help you to record your android screen.

1. Rec (Screen Recorder) :- Rec is a flexible and beautiful screen recording app for android. Devices that supported Android 4.4 kitkat or up versions can able to run this app on their devices. You have to root your device before install it on Android 4.4 kitkat. However, Android 5.0 Lollipop doesn't needed root permission to run this app. Rec has customisable countdown timer that gives you proper time to prepare before starting screen recording. Along with screen recording, you can also record audio via the mic. You can simply start the recording by clicking on record button. Once you done it, you can stop it by shaking your phone or by switch your screen off. Rec is available in both free and paid version. You can upgrade to paid version for extra features.

2. AZ Screen Recorder - No Root :- AZ screen recorder is a very light weight app that let you record your device screen without required any root access. This application run on those devices that has android 5.0 and up versions. It provides you quite elegant design and let you generate wonderful screencast videos. It totally free app comes with no ads and no recording time limit. It has a good feature which allows you to pause and resume video while recording. You can trim videos if you feel some parts of your video unnecessary. Moreover, this app provides an unique ability that let you draw something on your screen like tick or symbol. Its useful thing when you making a step by step video tutorial. This is a totally free app but if you want more cool features then you can buy the donation package and jump to pro version.

3. One Shot screen recorder (Pro) :- Many users review this recorder as a best screen recording app for Android 5.0+ versions. For recording a video on One shot, press screen cast icon located in top right corner of the screen. Next app will ask you to grant the system permission. After this, you will see a movable red button at the bottom right corner. Now switch to your game screen or somewhere else where you want to record screen and click on that bottom red button to start recording. After completing the recording, press Power button of your phone to stop the recording. The benefit of this red button is you don't have to swipe down the notification bar and tap on the 'stop recording button'. Its a paid app and doesn't required root access.

4. Screen Recorder for KitKat :- This Screen recorder app is good option for kitkat users to save high quality screen recording videos. Root permission is needed to run this app. You can choose the video resolution, recording time, bitrate and coundown timer for your video. You can check your recording status by swiping down the notification bar. This app will vibrate your phone when you start the recording process and also alert you when you get finished. Just simply click on record button to begin the recording.

5. ilos screen recorder - Lollipop :- ilos is an easiest way to capture screen activity in Android 5.0 and up versions. Along with recording, users can also share their videos on social networking sites and store them on Dropbox or Google drive. If you become the paid user of this app then they will provide you desktop recorder for Windows, Mac, and Linux. You may also get some extra features with paid version such as organize videos into playlists, or set video permissions, add users and user groups, upload videos from your computer.

6. Telecine :- This is a highly rated screen recording app on google play store. You can captured high quality videos with the help of tecline. Its a free to use app comes with no watermarks. Telecine is an open source application which means others developers can also do improvements and build their own app. To start the recording process, you just have to launch the overlay and open your game or app which you want to record. Then overlay will remain allowing you to press record when you are in the target app and it will gone while recording. After completing the recording, tap where overlay used to be to stop recording.

7. Screen Recorder :- This app is similar to other screen recording app that just focused on only screen recording task. It has elegant interface and offers free unlimited screen recording for users. You can make promotional videos, tutorials and other help videos by using this app. Some of the features of Screen Recorder is unlimited recording time, audio recording, showing screen touches while recording, shake or switch screen off to stop and many more. You can switch to paid version for more pro features.

8. Lollipop Screen Recorder :- Lollipop screen recorder is an alternative of ilos screen recorder which let you do screencasting in your lollipop android device. Simply click on record button to start the process. Your videos will stored in managable folder where you can view, edit and share them.

Solution For Android 2.3 and other lower version than 5.0

Most of the screen recording apps currently available on google play store is for Android 4.4 and up versions. So many users who are using lower android versions can't able to download these apps because of 'Package file error'. But there is a app called Screencast allows you to do superb screencasting on devices which are running on 2.3 or up versions. Its a very good app to create high quality mp4 screencasting videos. But one thing you have to do first is to root your device. After rooting, you can further download this app.

To start the recording, press on a button located in middle of the screen and turn it red.

Screencast for android

Next exit the app and go inside your game or any other app which you want to record. Swipe down the notification bar and click on end recording, when you get finished.

You can also see recorded videos within the app. Tap on gallery tab to see all your videos.

Screencast for android

Screencast provides you a lot of options to customize your videos such as video quality, video orientation, Timelapse, Frames per second and much more

Screencast for android

Not only screencasting, you can also take screenshots with the help of this app. Screenshot settings just placed under the video settings. Overall this app is all in one tool to capture screen activity in your android. Download Screencast from google play store


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