Wednesday, 8 July 2015

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Top Apps To Record Android Screen Activity

Most of the people nowdays asking this question that 'how to record the screen activity of android device'. Its not difficult to start screen recording in IOS devices and on windows platform by just using some application that are easily available on internet. But doing this same task on an Android device is always been hard to do. Fortunately, its now no longer challenging to do screencasting on Android Kitkat version because google added new media capabilities included screen recording for android app developers. According to this post, this screen recording ability makes work easier for developers to code an app that able to record high quality mp4 video for user. However, thats why most of the screen recording android app is created for Android 4.4 and up versions. There may be many different reasons why you want to do screen recording on android device such as to share high score of your favourite game, make any android troubleshooting tutorial, marketing video of an app and so on.

Thanks to those developers who spend time to make these following useful apps. Please note that most of these screen recording app required rooted device. So if your device is not rooted yet then please follow these easy steps to root your android device. Lets take a look on applications that will help you to record your android screen.

1. Rec (Screen Recorder) :- Rec is a flexible and beautiful screen recording app for android. Devices that supported Android 4.4 kitkat or up versions can able to run this app on their devices. You have to root your device before install it on Android 4.4 kitkat. However, Android 5.0 Lollipop doesn't needed root permission to run this app. Rec has customisable countdown timer that gives you proper time to prepare before starting screen recording. Along with screen recording, you can also record audio via the mic. You can simply start the recording by clicking on record button. Once you done it, you can stop it by shaking your phone or by switch your screen off. Rec is available in both free and paid version. You can upgrade to paid version for extra features.

2. AZ Screen Recorder - No Root :- AZ screen recorder is a very light weight app that let you record your device screen without required any root access. This application run on those devices that has android 5.0 and up versions. It provides you quite elegant design and let you generate wonderful screencast videos. It totally free app comes with no ads and no recording time limit. It has a good feature which allows you to pause and resume video while recording. You can trim videos if you feel some parts of your video unnecessary. Moreover, this app provides an unique ability that let you draw something on your screen like tick or symbol. Its useful thing when you making a step by step video tutorial. This is a totally free app but if you want more cool features then you can buy the donation package and jump to pro version.

3. One Shot screen recorder (Pro) :- Many users review this recorder as a best screen recording app for Android 5.0+ versions. For recording a video on One shot, press screen cast icon located in top right corner of the screen. Next app will ask you to grant the system permission. After this, you will see a movable red button at the bottom right corner. Now switch to your game screen or somewhere else where you want to record screen and click on that bottom red button to start recording. After completing the recording, press Power button of your phone to stop the recording. The benefit of this red button is you don't have to swipe down the notification bar and tap on the 'stop recording button'. Its a paid app and doesn't required root access.

4. Screen Recorder for KitKat :- This Screen recorder app is good option for kitkat users to save high quality screen recording videos. Root permission is needed to run this app. You can choose the video resolution, recording time, bitrate and coundown timer for your video. You can check your recording status by swiping down the notification bar. This app will vibrate your phone when you start the recording process and also alert you when you get finished. Just simply click on record button to begin the recording.

5. ilos screen recorder - Lollipop :- ilos is an easiest way to capture screen activity in Android 5.0 and up versions. Along with recording, users can also share their videos on social networking sites and store them on Dropbox or Google drive. If you become the paid user of this app then they will provide you desktop recorder for Windows, Mac, and Linux. You may also get some extra features with paid version such as organize videos into playlists, or set video permissions, add users and user groups, upload videos from your computer.

6. Telecine :- This is a highly rated screen recording app on google play store. You can captured high quality videos with the help of tecline. Its a free to use app comes with no watermarks. Telecine is an open source application which means others developers can also do improvements and build their own app. To start the recording process, you just have to launch the overlay and open your game or app which you want to record. Then overlay will remain allowing you to press record when you are in the target app and it will gone while recording. After completing the recording, tap where overlay used to be to stop recording.

7. Screen Recorder :- This app is similar to other screen recording app that just focused on only screen recording task. It has elegant interface and offers free unlimited screen recording for users. You can make promotional videos, tutorials and other help videos by using this app. Some of the features of Screen Recorder is unlimited recording time, audio recording, showing screen touches while recording, shake or switch screen off to stop and many more. You can switch to paid version for more pro features.

8. Lollipop Screen Recorder :- Lollipop screen recorder is an alternative of ilos screen recorder which let you do screencasting in your lollipop android device. Simply click on record button to start the process. Your videos will stored in managable folder where you can view, edit and share them.

Solution For Android 2.3 and other lower version than 5.0

Most of the screen recording apps currently available on google play store is for Android 4.4 and up versions. So many users who are using lower android versions can't able to download these apps because of 'Package file error'. But there is a app called Screencast allows you to do superb screencasting on devices which are running on 2.3 or up versions. Its a very good app to create high quality mp4 screencasting videos. But one thing you have to do first is to root your device. After rooting, you can further download this app.

To start the recording, press on a button located in middle of the screen and turn it red.

Screencast for android

Next exit the app and go inside your game or any other app which you want to record. Swipe down the notification bar and click on end recording, when you get finished.

You can also see recorded videos within the app. Tap on gallery tab to see all your videos.

Screencast for android

Screencast provides you a lot of options to customize your videos such as video quality, video orientation, Timelapse, Frames per second and much more

Screencast for android

Not only screencasting, you can also take screenshots with the help of this app. Screenshot settings just placed under the video settings. Overall this app is all in one tool to capture screen activity in your android. Download Screencast from google play store

Monday, 6 July 2015

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How to hide Windows Applications Using Hotkeys

If you ever want to hide applications by just hitting few strokes on keyboard or using a small icon on system tray then there is a program which might help you to do this task easily. It is a useful utility if you don't want anyone to see what you were doing on your computer. This application let you hide running programs from desktop, taskbar, as well as from system tray.

Application named 'Hide Window Plus' allows you to hide taskbar applications and let you push running programs to background from the screen by pressing a single keystroke on keyboard. Along with taskbar, this application also able to hide the programs from system tray as well. You can hide and unhide programs, run a screensaver,turn off the display or mute the sound with simple keyboard shortcuts. Its easy to use and light weight application. You can download 'Hide Window' from its official website for free.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

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Best way to Convert Word Document into HTML

If you want to convert your newly written word document into HTML form then there are some online utilities that will help you to do this task in no time. You can easily generate .doc file into .html and further display that file to your users as a webpage. Converting a .doc or .docx file into .html is easy but there is not a perfect option to do this. Here is a list of some online converters that let you easily convert word documents into html.

1. Word2CleanHtml :- Word2CleanHtml is a famous online tool to convert word documents into clean html form. It applies various filters to your word document to fix many things that Microsoft word add in its HTML and provide you a better formatted HTML in result. You can later easily use the generated html as your website webpage. It used python programming and lxml library to manipulate word document html into clean html. Moreover, this tool also give you some important options such as Remove empty paragraphs, Replace non ascii with HTML entities, Replace smart quotes with ascii equivalents Indent with tabs, not spaces and Replace non-breaking spaces with ordinary spaces. You can choose any option according to your need.

2. Zamzar :- Zamzar is a very good online conversion website that convert your songs, videos, images and documents into different formats. Zamzar said its mission is "To provide high quality file conversion for as many file formats as possible". As a free user, you can upload maximum 100 MB file for conversion otherwise you need to signup for larger file conversion. Not only .DOC to HTML, it also allows you to convert your .DOC file into azw3, bmp, epub, fb2, gif, html4, html5, jpg, lit, mobi, mp3, odt, pcx and in many more extensions. You have to select files from your drive and choose the conversion format. After this just fill up your email address then click on convert button. It will send you the converted file on your email address where you can download it.

3. HTML cleaner :- HTML cleaner is a popular alternative of Word2CleanHtml. It helps you to convert your Word and any other documents to clean HTML code. It is an advanced HTML cleaner that supported documents created with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Goodle docs or any other editor. The good thing i found on this website is they managed their website in very proper way. You just have to paste your document in the text box and then select cleaning preferences such as Remove tag attributes, Remove inline styles, Remove classes and IDs, Remove all tags, Remove empty tags, Remove span tags, Remove images and much more. After this, press Clean html button to convert your document.

Monday, 29 June 2015

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How to Auto complete a command in Command Prompt

Do you use command prompt frequently in daily basis ? If yes, then you may have some folders or files paths that you used daily in command prompt to do your task. Its really frustrating to write same file or folder path again and again. But there is a way to turn on auto complete function in Command prompt, so you just have to write few starting words of your file path and then hit TAB button to automatically complete that particular path. You need to do some changes in registry file to turn on this function. Here's how to enable this function.

1. Open Run box by pressing Win + R and type Regedit in box, then press enter button to open Registry editor

2. Navigate to following registry in registry editor

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWAR\\Microsoft\Command Processor

3. On the right side double click on CompletionChar and change its Hexadecimal value 40 to 9. It will turn on folder name completation.

4. Next again double click on PathCompletionChar and set its value 9. It allows you to complete path name by pressing TAB button as a control character in your keyboard.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

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Browse Facebook Faster With Facebook Lite App

Using Facebook in official Android Facebook app is a serious time wasting thing for 2G mobile users. It takes too much time to open a single page. The other option left for 2G users to use Facebook on their mobile browsers such as Opera mini or UC browser. These browsers are good at speed compared to Facebook official application but they has lack of some important features and quick accessbility. So what other option 2G mobile users should choose ? The anwser is already in this post title which is Facebook lite.

On 4th June, Facebook introduced a new version of Facebook for its android users. This latest version consume less data and worked well with every type of network conditions. Facebook said that "In many areas, networks can be slow and not able to support all the functionality found in Facebook for Android. Facebook Lite was built for these situations, giving people a reliable Facebook experience when bandwidth is at a minimum." Facebook announced this new version in countries across Asia, and in upcoming weeks Facebook Lite will be available in parts of Latin America, Africa and Europe. Lets talk about the abilities of Facebook lite.

Facebook lite load pages very quickly as it takes maximum 5-6 seconds to open another page, even when user is on 2G network. Whether you want to share new clicked picture or send a message to you friend it will do your job without loosing internet speed. Moreover, it totally looks like official android Facebook application but better speed and performance. Just like official app, user can also Like timeline updates with a single click, means page will not load when user tap on Like button. You may see the screenshot below.

The official app is more than 30 MB in size and after installing the app, it become more larger. On the other side, Facebook lite is only 456kb in size. So its likely that Facebook lite has good performace and less hanging issues. Facebook lite also allows you to change cover photo of your profile as well. You just need to tap on cover pic in your profile and it will quickly open your phone gallery to select your cover pic.

The feature i like the most is it gives easy access to every Facebook sticker . You can post stickers in photo comments and messages in no time. It makes chatting more interesting and better.

If you are owner of Facebook pages or groups then you can also get access to pages and every important feature which is available in desktop version of Facebook.

In short, Facebook lite developer tried to make Facebook lite just same as Facebook for android but without droping internet speed and performace. So its a excellent app for those who can't afford the bill of 3G internet connection or for those where 3G data plans is not available.

Friday, 26 June 2015

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Use LastPass To Protect your Online Accounts Password

If you have a lot of online accounts for different purposes then you may worry to remember or protect the passwords from unauthorized access. There is an easy and trusted solution existing on internet. LastPass is a very useful Password manager utility that let you manage the passwords and profiles of your online accounts. Millions of people already trusting LastPass to protect their online identity. Basically LastPass is not a free program but it gives you a trial of 14 days to properly check it. Lets see the abilities of this program.

With the help of LastPass, you can generate a strong password for your every online account. You can quickly store your logins and create online shopping profiles. LastPass let you access your passwords from any computer or mobile device. You just have to remember your LastPass Master Password to gain access of your passwords. You can search for the notes and logins from vault. Moreover, you can store your sensitive data such as credit card numbers, financial information, memberships and more in Secure Notes. LastPass gives you Offline access to your data via the browser extensions and the mobile apps. You are able to share logins with your family or friends and quickly organize websites data by folders.

There are many more features available such as LastPass Security Challenge to check the strength of passwords, automatically syc passwords from computer or mobile devices and so on. LastPass costs $12 per year but before buying it you can check its 14 day trial. Visit the official website to download it for required platform.
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How To Fix Missing DLL File Errors In Windows Computer

If you recently download a latest game or application on your Windows system and its showing an error of missing DLL files then its likely that your system has not certain DLL File to run that game or application. Your first prefrence should be to find that missing DLL file in your drives or somewhere else such as recycle bin because it's possible that you may deleted any DLL file by mistake. However, you can easily add any missing DLL file manually in your system. Here's how to do this.

1. First see which missing file you needed to run your game or application and then copy that file name include .DLL extenstion.

2. Paste the File name on google and download that missing file. Websites like is the large source of DLL files and this site most of the time provide you correct DLL file. It will give you a .zip extenstion file, you have to extract that file and paste the DLL file to the following path :-


After pasting the file on this path, restart your system and again try to run your game or application.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

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Easily Open any Application in Mac OS X with QuickSilver

QuickSilver is an essential launcher utility app that give you quick access to any folder or application in few keystrokes. It is an one of the rapidly growing app for Mac in these days. The tagline said by QuickSilver is 'Mac OS X at your fingertips'. You don't have to worry how your folders are arranged or where your files are located. Just what you have to do is type few keystrokes on your keyboard and then you will reach your destination. It allows you to perform common everyday tasks rapidly. Lets take a look on various features available in QuickSilver app.

1. It can quickly accessed to documents, applications, music, contacts and much more other things.

2. User can manage content through drag and drop feature , or grabbing selected content directly.

3. Interacting with installed applications through plugins.

4. You can browse your Mac's file system elegantly using keywords and 'fuzzy' matching.

Download QuickSilver from official website
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Add timestamp automatically in notepad when you open a file

Notepad is a basic application but its an one of the mostly used document editing utility that helps in every-day tasks. It allows you to edit different types of files extensions such as .html,.txt and so on. Notepad has a hidden but basic feature that let you add timestamp in any notepad file. By doing some changes, you will see a timestamp in the bottom of the file each time you open a file. Here's how you can use this feature.

Click on the Notepad application and open a new file. After creating a file, Write .LOG in the starting of a file and then type some text in next line if you want. Save and close the file. Now open the file you just created. You will see a timestamp in the end of that file, stating the time and date. For adding it manually, Just Press F5 and add current timestamp. Be sure that every time you open the file in Notepad, a timestamp will be inserted. You can make any type of content changes in your file, timestamp will be always available in the end of the file.

Monday, 22 June 2015

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How to Turn off videos autoplay on twitter

Twitter recently announced their new feature and they called it 'more streamlined consumption experience' that autoplay twitter videos, GIFs and Vines on user timeline by default. Clicking on the video will bring the user into the full-screen viewer with sound and continue playing. This featute currently rolled out for IOS and Web users.

If you dont want to see any autoplay videos and GIFs on your account timeline or anywhere on twitter then you can disable it by doing some simple changes. To disable this feature in desktop, tap on your profile pic and choose Settings that located at the top the page. Next Scroll down to the Content section and Uncheck Video tweets. Save it by clicking on Save Changes button and you are done.

For IOS devices, go to the Me tab and click on gear icon at the lower right corner and tap Settings. In General section of Settings, you will see Video Autoplay option. You can select whether you want to play videos on Wifi only or Never want to play video automatically. Click on Done to save settings.
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How to turn off the annoying notification sound in Windows 10

Windows 10 Full version is currently not available for download but Microsoft recently launched the insider preview of this operating system. The release date of this latest OS is July 29,2015. If you have not install the insider preview yet then register for the Windows Insider program to download the ISO file from Microsoft website. Before starting any download process, make sure to check all the system requirements. Those users who have Windows 10 preview installed already may notice that annoying notification sound oftenly. There are two ways to turn off the sound easily. Here's how to do it.

Way 1 :- Disable sound in Sound settings

1. Click on the start menu , then type sound in the search box. Click on the Sound from the search results to open Sound settings.

2. In the Sound dialog box, click on Sounds tab and then select notification option in Program Events.

3. Next Tap on the Sounds bar and select (None) from drop-down list. Press ok to save settings.

Way 2 :- Disable notifications in Pc settings

1. Click on start menu and hit on PC settings from the programs list.

2. Next Tap on Search and Apps and then click on Notifications.

3. On the right side of Notifications, Switch off Play notification sound option.
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How to disable location tracking in Facebook Messenger App

In new Facebook Messenger, the location sharing option is turn off by default when you install the app. If you are using old version of Facebook messenger then i will recommend you to update it because its likely that the old version doesn't turn off location service automatically. Its less concern with IOS Messenger app to handle permissions because they simply prompt you to whether you want to turn on or off the location service.

In android device, you are able to turn on the service for the particular person manually. You have to click on a small button that placed in bottom right corner to enable the location for particular user. To disable it, you should turn it gray by again tapping on the button. See the screenshot below for better understanding. Be sure that if you turn the button into gray in particular chat then the location is inactive for that person only.

To permanently turn off the service, you have to click on the settings icon that located top of your app then scroll down in settings for location option. Simply uncheck it to disable the location service.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

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Add Frequently accessed Settings to the Start Menu in Windows 10

This newly launched Windows 10 is very different from its predecessors. In Windows 7, we have a simple layout of Start Menu to access the programs. But recently released Windows 10 Start Menu is combination of both Windows 7 Start Menu and Windows 8 Start Screen. User can easily access their documents, pictures or all other programs in list.

You may add or remove tiles according to your need and able customize it. The best thing about this advanced Start Menu is that you can pin frequently accessed settings in it. It gives you quick access to any program or setting with just one click. This is a good idea if you are oftenly forgets the location of particular setting. Here's how to pin any setting in Start Menu.

1. Open the Settings app and right click on the group of settings you want to pin on start menu.

2. If you want to Pin a particular setting then navigate the settings app and right click on any setting, then choose 'Pin to start'.