Tuesday, 23 June 2015

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Add timestamp automatically in notepad when you open a file

Notepad is a basic application but its an one of the mostly used document editing utility that helps in every-day tasks. It allows you to edit different types of files extensions such as .html,.txt and so on. Notepad has a hidden but basic feature that let you add timestamp in any notepad file. By doing some changes, you will see a timestamp in the bottom of the file each time you open a file. Here's how you can use this feature.

Click on the Notepad application and open a new file. After creating a file, Write .LOG in the starting of a file and then type some text in next line if you want. Save and close the file. Now open the file you just created. You will see a timestamp in the end of that file, stating the time and date. For adding it manually, Just Press F5 and add current timestamp. Be sure that every time you open the file in Notepad, a timestamp will be inserted. You can make any type of content changes in your file, timestamp will be always available in the end of the file.


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