Tuesday, 23 June 2015

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Easily Open any Application in Mac OS X with QuickSilver

QuickSilver is an essential launcher utility app that give you quick access to any folder or application in few keystrokes. It is an one of the rapidly growing app for Mac in these days. The tagline said by QuickSilver is 'Mac OS X at your fingertips'. You don't have to worry how your folders are arranged or where your files are located. Just what you have to do is type few keystrokes on your keyboard and then you will reach your destination. It allows you to perform common everyday tasks rapidly. Lets take a look on various features available in QuickSilver app.

1. It can quickly accessed to documents, applications, music, contacts and much more other things.

2. User can manage content through drag and drop feature , or grabbing selected content directly.

3. Interacting with installed applications through plugins.

4. You can browse your Mac's file system elegantly using keywords and 'fuzzy' matching.

Download QuickSilver from official website


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