Friday, 26 June 2015

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Use LastPass To Protect your Online Accounts Password

If you have a lot of online accounts for different purposes then you may worry to remember or protect the passwords from unauthorized access. There is an easy and trusted solution existing on internet. LastPass is a very useful Password manager utility that let you manage the passwords and profiles of your online accounts. Millions of people already trusting LastPass to protect their online identity. Basically LastPass is not a free program but it gives you a trial of 14 days to properly check it. Lets see the abilities of this program.

With the help of LastPass, you can generate a strong password for your every online account. You can quickly store your logins and create online shopping profiles. LastPass let you access your passwords from any computer or mobile device. You just have to remember your LastPass Master Password to gain access of your passwords. You can search for the notes and logins from vault. Moreover, you can store your sensitive data such as credit card numbers, financial information, memberships and more in Secure Notes. LastPass gives you Offline access to your data via the browser extensions and the mobile apps. You are able to share logins with your family or friends and quickly organize websites data by folders.

There are many more features available such as LastPass Security Challenge to check the strength of passwords, automatically syc passwords from computer or mobile devices and so on. LastPass costs $12 per year but before buying it you can check its 14 day trial. Visit the official website to download it for required platform.


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